David Beckham Teases Fans With Shirtless Facebook Photos [PHOTOS]


David Beckham is not only an impeccable sportsman but he is also considered one of the biggest cross over stars today. With his H&M contract, David teases his fans with his shirtless photo posted on his official Facebook account.

Shirtless, tattooed arms and underwear, David Beckham definitely knows how to thrill inside and outside the game. There were several photos of a shirtless David Beckham that were posted n his Facebook account today.

Although he admits to being shy at first, the pictures didn't show any hint of David being uncomfortable. There were two pictures of the British bloke that were posted overnight showing off his fit physique and all its tattoed glory.

There are also rumors going around that Beckham will walk the H&M underwear fashion show for next month. Fashion bosses are speculated to have asked David to walk the runway wearing his underwear line.

Just over a year ago, Beckham famously debuted his underwear commercial during Super Bowl. For this year, he has finished making his new ad which was directed by Guy Ritchie.

While all the ladies are ogling his photos, orphaned children are certainly delighted with Beckham's big news regarding his Saint Germain transfer.

The 37-year-old football superstar signed a $240,000 per week contract with Paris Saint Germain. And with his five-month deal with the team, Beckham will be donating all of his salary to a chosen charity in Paris.

 "We've decided my salary will go towards a local children's charity in Paris and that's one of the things we're very excited and proud to be able to do. I'm not sure it's been done before but it's something I'm very passionate about," Beckham said.

Well this only proves that he's not only one good-looking football player, he must be a "Saint" as well.

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