David Beckham Move: Machester United's Loss, Charity's Gains


Soccer superstar David Beckham's career is taking on a new direction. He has recently signed a five-month contract with Paris-Saint Germain after a six-year play with the Los Angeles Galaxy, reports Sydney Morning Herald.

Aside from the transfer, there's also a bit of news that's making headlines for Beckham. He'll be playing for PSG for free, as the 37-year-old's salary will all be donated to a yet unnamed children's charity in Paris.

"We decided on something that is quite unique-I won't receive any salary. We have decided that my salary will go towards a local children's charity in Paris. And that's one of the things we are very excited and proud to be able to do," said Beckham in a statement to Telegraph.

Many may be wondering why Paris was the next stop in the midfielder's career, but according to Mirror, one of Beckham's main reasons is that he cannot play against Manchester United.

It goes without saying that Beckham received offers left and right, including West Ham and Queen Park Rangers. But there's a reason why Beckham opted for the French team, and it was all due to his history and loyalty to Manchester United.

"I've a lot of history with Manchester United. They were the team I supported and dreamed of playing for," said Beckham in an interview with Mirror.

Beckham won the league championship with his last team, LA Galaxy, along with a hand at the increase in franchises and average attendance during the season, reports Forbes.

For his Real Madrid play, Beckham doubled the sponsorship and advertising income, with a 62% increase in jersey sales and merchandise.

Because of this, Forbes reports that PSG may already be counting their profits, particularly in the increase of No. 32 Beckham jerseys. Hopefully, this bears fruit, seeing as how Beckham is only set to play with the team until the end of the season.

"I might have only signed the contract until the end of the season, but I consider to see myself pat of the club in the future," said Beckham to Forbes. "I want to help the French league to grow and help this club become one of the biggest powerhouses in football."

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