David Beckham Makes the Most of Retirement, Explores Other Careers, To Start A TV Career with BBC One

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David Beckham
David Beckham discusses matters related to the ownership position he has with a proposed Major League Soccer (MLS) expansion team that could play in Miami, at a news conference in Miami, Florida February, 5, 2014. REUTERS/Andrew Innerarity Reuters

David Beckham is clearly making the most of his retirement from playing soccer. After bidding farewell to the sport he played for the last 20 years, Beckham isn't keen on developing a hobby post-retirement. Instead, Beckham has been keeping himself busy doing his side hustles such as doing philanthropy work, working on owning a soccer franchise, appearing in commercials, making a cameo on sitcoms, and of course, supporting his wife Victoria on her fashion events.

The latest report on the retired football legend is that he is slated to start a TV career with British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) One.

According to The Sunday Times via Digital Spy, BBC One's channel controller Charlotte Moore is working on getting Beckham on a broadcasting job with the network. Moore refused to disclose any details about the show but it is believed to be related to football. The newspaper also guessed that Beckham's TV show could also tackle topics related to modeling as well as fatherhood. However, it is not made known if Beckham is considering the offer.

In November 2012, Digital Spy reported that Beckham was offered to host his own TV show in the U.S. and the contract was reportedly a multi-million deal. It was supposed to be for Time Warner Cable, and Beckham was still playing for the Los Angeles Galaxy then. The retired English footballer's spokesperson back then dismissed the thought altogether and said that Beckham wasn't planning on shifting into a TV career even after he retired as a player.  

Would Beckham have a change of heart this time around and grab the opportunity offered by BBC One? What do you think? He is anticipated to make an appearance in Only Fools and Horses for BBC's Sport Relief Coverage in the latter part of the month of March.

The Beckhams have recently purchased the late designer Gianni Versace's mansion in Miami, but they will not be moving to the sunshine state to permanently live there.

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