David Beckham Gets Sour at Paparazzi

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David Beckham
Former England soccer captain David Beckham greets victims of super Typhoon Haiyan at an evacuation centre in Tacloban city in central Philippines February 13, 2014. Local officials said, Beckham is one of the biggest donors to super typhoon Haiyan devastated areas in central Philippines. REUTERS/Erik De Castro REUTERS

David Beckham got sour with paparazzi after they allegedly ran a red light in an attempt to catch a sight of the retired football legend and his children in Brentwood.

Beckham was driving home from an exercise class at Soul Cycle with his three boys Brooklyn, Romeo, and Cruz, when the incident happened, according to reports. The 39-year-old former Real Madrid and Manchester United star was dressed in a casual outfit but still looked stylish in sporty shorts, navy blue sweatshirts matched with a pair of sneakers and an LA Kings cap. He was swaggering a jagged beard.

When the paparazzi ran after Beckham and his kids, he lost his cool and rolled the window down to point a finger at the photographers. He even got out of his car and shouted at the dangerous drivers.

"The majority of the paparazzi are fair, but some of are on the edge of criminality," a source close to the situation told Daily Star Online. The complete lack of privacy and having paparazzi following every celebrities' move are the cons of being famous. People have a jaded expression of it: the price of fame.

The source further stated that Beckham is used to being followed by paparazzi but when the safety of his family is put in jeopardy, he gets ballistic. "It's a battle that takes place every day."

"When they are putting his family in danger, David will get angry."

Beckham once got frustrated with paparazzi when they tried to harass his son Brooklyn, ABC.net.au reported. The photographers swarmed at his then six-year-old son who was on his way to a football school. He said the incident left Brooklyn upset. He felt that the photographers were "crossing the line with his children."

According to Beckham, he had long acknowledged the fact that aggressive paparazzi will always intrude his family's privacy. "Me and Victoria have always accepted that we are in the limelight and there are always going to be people who want to take pictures of us, but when it comes down to little children, being out on their own, in their school, for me, it is crossing the line."


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