Dave Mustaine of Megadeth Releases Signature Wine ‘Symphony Interrupted’

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From "Symphony of Destruction" to now "Symphony Interrupted," Dave Mustaine, frontman of thrash metal band, Megadeth, has come a long way. The veteran thrash metaller's Mustaine Vineyards has released their first Cabernet Sauvignon 2012 named as "Symphony Interrupted."

Iron Maiden, AC/DC and Amon Amarth are some of the noted acts that got into the beer and wine business. Mustaine Vineyard's latest offering "Symphony Interrupted" is one of the band-branded wines in the market. The orders for this wine are only for U.S. customers at the moment and they can purchase only three bottles.

Mustaine Vineyards unveiled "Symphony Interrupted" as a tribute to the forthcoming gig with the San Diego Symphony on April 12 at Copley Symphony Hall.

"Tonight, the air is electric; tonight, the sounds are amazing; tonight, we revel in music, in art, in excellence; tonight a guitar legend marries heavy metal and classical music together in a performance only the select few will witness," reads the statement at the Mustaine Vineyards website.

"Dave Mustaine often says classical IS metal, and now it is time to partake of the highlights and distinctive notes of life's finer things. Raise a glass of our very first bottling of Mustaine Vineyards wine from the sunny hills of Fallbrook, California and lest we forget, tonight is ours forever."

Earlier in March, Megadeth announced the news on its website that Dave will perform as a soloist with the San Diego Symphony in April 2014. The concert includes "Winter" from "The Four Seasons" by Antonio Vivaldi, "Ride of the Valkyries" from "Die Walküre" by Richard Wagner and "Symphony No. 9" (the "New World" Symphony) by Antonin Dvorak.

The concert will see classical music marry heavy metal sound of Dave on stage with great artists like Antonio, Richard and Antonin.

Dave's band, Megadeth have sold more than 80,000 copies of their new album "Super Collider" in the U.S. since its release on June 4, 2013. 

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