Dave Franco Explains Getting Naked with DeAndre Jordan [VIDEO]

Dave Franco and DeAndre Jordan competes at "Real Life Horse"


In his latest comedy short on Funny or Die, actor Dave Franco was seen getting naked with L.A. Clippers center, DeAndre Jordan. The two were involved in the “penis competition” in his new comedy short but the actor denied getting “totally naked” on the set.

And since it was a competition, as part of the segment of the short, there should be a winner. When Buzzfeed staffer asked “actually check it out,” Franco was explained there was no chance at all.

“Uh, no, we did not. I was wearing tiny little flesh-color briefs that I hiked down as low as I could go without making things too weird for the crew.,” Franco told Adam Vary in an interview.

He added, “But no — it does appear that we are fully nude, but we both are wearing briefs that are very low on our hips.”

When teased if he could have won the competition, the 27-year-old brother of James Franco was quick to concede that he was no match against DeAndre Jordan.

He said, “not. I mean, let's be honest here. The guy's 7 feet tall. I'm barely pushing 5'8".”

The American actor known for his role in 21 Jump Street and Warm Bodies expressed great enthusiasm with his collaboration with Jordan, noting that there could have been no one to do a better job but the NBA player.

He said, “…I went on YouTube, and DeAndre has a series of videos on YouTube where he's pranking people on the Venice pier. He has a fart machine, and he's walking around lifting his leg up and literally farting on people, and he's this 7-foot dude, so no one is really getting too mad at him. It just showed me that he is a funny guy and doesn't take himself too seriously.”

The comedy short titled Real Life H-O-R-S-E also highlights a “formidable dancer” Elke the Stallion. Franco, also a voice actor, wrote the script for the comedy short. His interest in writing and creating short has allowed him to produce one every six months.

Check out the VIDEO for "Real Life Horse" starring Dave Franco and DeAndre Jordan.

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