Dating Services for Farmers Crafting Success Stories in Canada

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FarmersOnly, a dating Web site which focuses on finding dating partners for single farmers, is flourishing with new love stories in Canada.

According to CBC News, Daniel Seitz is one of those farmers who found his love through the Web site. Daniel has a family farm in south-eastern Saskatchewan. He stumbled upon a commercial of the dating Web site while he was watching an agricultural report on TV. FarmersOnly apparently hooked him up with someone who was comfortable in living life on the land and did not mind cowboy boots. He got married to a farm girl after a couple of years, who rode horses and floored him with her smile.

Jerry Miller who founded FarmersOnly wants to see more such love stories flourishing in Canada. Mr Miller said that there were two different kinds of people. One of the kind lives in the city and are absorbed in the corporate race while there other are more "down to earth and easy going". There is a distinct difference between both the lifestyles, he said.

Mr Miller came up with the idea of the dating site nine years back in 2005 when he was into agricultural marketing. One of his divorced friends found it difficult to find compatible men as she worked in her farm for long hours. On the other hand, users on conventional dating sites did not have any idea how her life at the farm was. Mr Miller designed his Web site to suit specific needs of farmers. The Web site is even redesigned in order to suit dial-up modem speed of several farmers.

FarmersOnly has grown over the years. At the moment, it has around 1.5 million members on board. According to Mr Miller, there are several farmers who check the Web site in their tractors. When it comes to niche dating Web sites in North America, FarmersOnly stands out. While some other niche dating services focus on religion, marital status and even diets; there are other bigger Web sites which have now included features to suit the needs of the farmers.

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