Dating Naked: VH1 Reality Show Asks Contestants Date Without Clothes

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This is the latest advancement in reality shows. Contestants go on dates but they are not allowed to wear any clothes. "Dating Naked," a new reality show on VH1, shows contestants in their most primitive form as they search for potential partners in life.

The show apparently takes inspiration from the Adam-Eve story but one may not ignore its influence from "Naked and Afraid," a reality show on the Discovery Channel that asks a man and a woman to survive in wild conditions for 21 days, that too without any clothes. Unlike its Discovery counterpart, VH1 focuses more on the romantic and sexual attraction between the contestants.

"Dating Naked" has already gone on air. The first episode of the show had Joe, 24, who went on a date with 36-year-old Christina who had recently broken up with her partner of 10 years. The couple moved around a beach which was a visual delight, and nobody seemed to have bothered much about the lack of clothes. Joe's dating activities on the episode included bird-watching, body painting and cuddling, all in the nude.

VH1 Head of Programming Susan Levison approved of the series in September 2013. It was her first day on the job. "The idea of using nudity as a metaphor for allowing yourself to be truly exposed and truly yourself in the search for love felt really fresh and exciting," she said. Fox also had plans to launch its nude dating show but postponed it at the moment for internal issues.

According to official Web page of the show, the show is a "social experiment" which gives daters an opportunity to "bare their souls." However, before they can bare their souls, they must bare "everything else; it said. The show is supposed to take place on primitive island resorts which are "far from the masks of modern society."

The show is hosted by actress Amy Paffrath who also appeared on "2 Broke Girls," "Sullivan & Son" and "Hot in Cleveland." The show premiered on July 17. Find more information on the show HERE.

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