Daniel Radcliffe Will Play the Role of Christian Grey in 50 Shades of Grey? [See Photos]

By @Ze_Charm on

Radcliffe took over the world as he portrayed the role of the young wizard, Harry Potter in J.k Rowling's "Harry Potter" books. Over the years, fans and readers followed the epic journey of Harry and his friends Ron and Hermoine in the magically world of Wizards and Witches.  As the franchise came to an end, the three kids took on more serious roles. Emma Watson who played Hermoine Granger has entered the world of fashion and has starred in movies such as "The Perks of Being a Wall Flower" alongside Logan Lerman and Ezra Miller.  Rupert Grint has played many roles one alongside Robert Sheenan, who can be seen in the upcoming book-turned-movie "The Mortal Instruments".  As these stars try to take on roles the befit their ages, Radcliffe has starred in many plays and movies that have led him to take a much daring role, most of which had scenes in which he had to go nude.  With the recasting of the role Christian Grey from the bestselling book, 50 Shades of Grey, turning into a movie and looking for a new actor to play the role, Daniel Radcliffe is certainly a contender for this role. He certainly has the experience in doing such sexual scenes and is comfortable with roles that challenge him, not to mention he has been able to bring the character of "Harry Potter" to life. This would be a role for the young star that would finally take him out of his shell and make a change in his career as an actor in a franchise known to his young fans where he is "Harry Potter".  He has a lot of nude scenes to back up the steamy and sexualized parts of the book and he does he have what it takes to be the new Christian Grey in the upcoming movie. The Harry Potter star will turn into the new Christian Grey, a completely different role from what he became famously known for around the world. 

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