Daniel Radcliffe Has a ‘Man-Crush’ on NFL Star Quarterback

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Even the "manliest" men say they admire the looks of other men. It shouldn't be an awkward thing because having a "man-crush" doesn't always mean it's something sexual.

As the Urban Dictionary puts it, a "man-crush" is when a straight man has a crush on another man, not in sexual manner but instead in the form of fanaticism. Daniel Radcliffe a.k.a. "Harry Potter" apparently has that form of admiration for New England Patriots' star quarterback Tom Brady.

Speaking to Vanity Fair, Radcliffe revealed he considers Brady as one of his heroes in real life, in addition to his parents and Tom Lehrer, as reported by the Boston Globe.

When the actor had an unexpected encounter with Brady at an event, the English actor was a little freaked out over meeting the National Football League (NFL) quarterback. Celebrities certainly get starstruck too. Even though Radcliffe has a huge fan base of his own from all parts of the world, he got so excited when he met his hero for the first time.

"When I get really starstruck, I don't freeze up as much as I attack people with compliments," Radcliffe told Express.

"The worse it's ever been is I met Tom Brady once, I'm a big American football fan, I'm an obsessive NFL fan," he added.

"He was with Gisele and I must have been the first person to totally ignore her."

Radcliffe couldn't contain his excitement of meeting the sports star that he could only mumble his praise and admiration towards Brady.

"I just went, 'You're so cool, you're awesome, just continue what you're doing.'" He said after uttering those words, he instantly left and didn't even give Brady a chance to talk.

"As I was walking away, I did hear Gisele go, 'He's so cute,' which I was like, 'Yes!'"

Radcliffe is not seen as much on the big screen like before when he was still doing the "Harry Potter" movies. The 24-year-old English actor is making his name on Broadway.

Currently, he is working in the revival of "The Cripple of Inishmaan," where he plays the role of "Cripple Billy."

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