Daniel Radcliffe and Erin Darke Headed for a Split Up, Girlfriend of Two Years Feels Left Out - Reports

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Daniel Radcliffe
Cast member Daniel Radcliffe poses at a special screening of ''The Woman in Black'' in Los Angeles, California February 2, 2012. Reuters/Mario Anzuoni

Daniel Radcliffe is working so much on his career post-Harry Potter that he's putting his girlfriend, Erin Darke at the backseat.

At least that is what a new report said. What woman in her right mind would want to be her man's second priority? Radar Online claims that Erin Darke is reportedly very upset with Daniel because he's not giving her the attention she needs as his girlfriend. He may be getting high praises for his role in the Broadway comedy, the Cripple of Inishmaan, but his girlfriend is hardly praising and appreciating him for putting her aside, Radar Online reports.

Celebrity journalist, Randy Jernigan, who is set to release a tell-all book on Daniel Radcliffe, tells Radar Online that while Daniel is having a smooth-sailing career after the Harry Potter franchise ended, his relationship with his girlfriend of already two years cannot be said to be on the same condition.

"Right now, Daniel's career comes first, not romance and marriage," Jernigan - who gathered data from 21 friends and colleagues close to Daniel for his upcoming tell-all boo. "Erin was expecting more from him. She feels like she isn't a priority in his life," he added.

The celebrity journalist says that the tension between the two started when Radcliffe claimed in an interview with the Daily Beast in May that rumours of them already engaged are "absolutely bollocks." Erin Darke could not help it, Randy Jernigan claims, "She was offended."

"They're not engaged, but when he scoffed at the idea of marriage to the reporter, she was offended," the author of the upcoming tell-all book details. "It made her feel like she wasn't important to him."

Daniel Radcliffe is also said to have more plans to hang out with friends in London after his Broadway stint than plans with his girlfriend. If this continues, Jernigan says the relationship can head for the worse. Chances are, they can split up for good.

"It seems that when Daniel's finished with Inishmaan, he's leaving Erin behind," the journalist claims. Not that Daniel does not want to settle down, but this is certainly not on his mind right now.

"Daniel does want marriage and kids someday, but he's only 24 right now," Jernigan says. "He loves children, but right now, it just isn't his time."

Jernigan's book is set to be released by August but his allegations certainly comes as a surprise. Just weeks ago, Perez Hilton reported that the two really has great chemistry. They graced the Tony Awards in each other's arms and cannot even contain themselves, showing some PDA on the said prestigious event, Perez Hilton reported.

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