Daniel Gibson, Keyshia Cole Divorce Rumours: NBA Vet Denies Cheating on R&B Wife

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NBA Cleveland Cavs guard Daniel Gibson (also known as "Boobie") denies his R&B singer wife, Keyshia Cole's claims that  he has repeatedly cheated during their brief marriage. "Don't be fooled," Gibson posted on Twitter in response to his wife's repeated charges. Cole has once insisted that she would keep their troubled union off social media but she has recently tweeted regularly, attesting to their strained relationship. She even had a verbal altercation with a Houston stripper, posting "Yea I made some good money off that one. What up? RT @JHONNIBLAZE: I should of cheated looking a** @KeyshiaCole lol" After a few moments, she added: "You have to GO! Take yo a** back to HTown! U can have him boo. #Trust. Shame."

According to reports, Gibson is a new regular on the Houston strip club scene. Photos have emerged on the Internet of Boobie making money rain on a lucky stripper, who happens to be the same woman he is allegedly cheating his wife with. Cole also tweeted: "If someone is taking you for granted, their access must no longer be granted. Time is too precious to waste on someone that doesn't value your time. Sometimes loving yourself means letting someone else go. - Tony A. Gaskins Jr." She also posted a more emotional message: "It is a respect thing. No hate. Being truthful and honest may seem uncalled for or harsh at times. But relationships last longer that way. I guess that is just knowing the one you love, though. G'Night. No love lost. God got me to this point. He is the only one who can take me out."

The stripper's friend got word of Cole's tweets and posted in response: "Bi****s have a good nikka but be worried about other ho*s. But leave my b***h out of it because she got a nikka she ain't tripping y'all."

Several reports also claimed that his estranged wife is now facing a federal tax lien amounting to $162,000. The IRS claims that the R&B star has failed to pay taxes for 2009, the year when Cole did the lucrative "A Different Me" tour with Lil Kim, TLC and The Dream. The lien was reportedly filed on Nov. 25, 2013 and the issued documents warn the 32-year-old "Should've Cheated" singer that the IRS will seize her property if debt is not paid off."

Gibson and Cole continue to wage a bitter public break up that seems to end up in divorce court. Gibson has played seven seasons for Cleveland alongside four-time league MVP LeBron James. Gibson has averaged eight points and two assists over his career. He is now a free agent.

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