Daniel Craig Returns in ‘Bond 24’ Can the ‘Skyfall’ Success be Repeated?

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The producers of the upcoming movie "Bond 24" recently announced that Daniel Craig will be returning to play the lead role yet again. The phenomenal success of the previous movie "Skyfall" would be a tough act to follow. The movie is set for a release date in 2015.

For readers who are wondering why the producers chose the name "Bond 24" for the movie, it may have to do with the fact that this is the 24th movie from the popular movie franchise, which is over 51 years old.

The 23rd Bond movie "Skyfall" reportedly made over $88 million in the U.S on the opening weekend and went on to collect over $1 billion in the international market, making it one of the biggest hits at the box office. The movie was made at an estimated budget of $200 million.

Some of the characters from "Skyfall" may not be returning in "Bond 24." Judi Dench who played the character M could be replaced with another actor. Ben Whishaw played the role of the young Q in the movie, giving the character a fresh and modern look.

The other notable characters in "Skyfall" include Gareth Mallory played by Ralph Fiennes and agent Eve played by Naomie Harris. Both the actors are expected to make a return in the upcoming movie.

The popular movie franchise is known for its use of hi-tech futuristic gadgets with contemporary political theme. The movies are a high budget affair delivering stunning action sequences to the audience coupled with witty one liners from the British secret agent.

"Skyfall" was about revenge by a former agent who felt betrayed by the chief of Mi6 - M. The theme in the preceding movie starring Daniel Craig was about a secretive organisation trying to control the world's most precious resource - water.

There is still no word about the possible plot of "Bond 24" or if the movie will be based on any of the novels. It would be a challenge for the producers to be able to repeat the success of "Skyfall."

The release date of "Bond 24" is set in 2015. The movie will be released on Oct 23 in the UK and on Nov 6 in the U.S. Fans are eagerly waiting for the movie and it is also expected to hit the international market around this time.

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