Dan Harmon’s Community (Season 6) Finds New Home; Moves from NBC to Yahoo Screen

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NBC may have axed Dan Harmon's "Community" series, but die-hard fans may again get a chance to watch the TV show as Yahoo announced that the comedy series will return this fall for Season 6, loaded with 13 episodes, exclusively available on Yahoo Screen.

The "Community" TV series with Joey McHale, Gillian Jacobs, Yvette Nicole Brown, Danny Pudi, Alison Brie, Ken Jeong and Jim Rash had last made its appearance on NBC in mid-April 2014. Reviews have varied, and while there have been the worse reviews from critics there have also been relatively good reviews.

"Community Season 5 was incredible: happy and sad, brilliant and silly, shockingly angry and remarkably kind, brutally cynical and yet somehow hopeful," Darren Franich of Entertainment Weekly wrote on May 9, 2014.

There are various reports that "Community" comedy series will not only get a season 6, but will also get a movie after a promise of #SixSeasonAndAMovie. The reports, however, have not been confirmed unless Dan Harmon and the cast agree to sign on a movie deal.

"Our hope is...that [Community] has a healthy future for season six and well beyond," Kathy Savitt, Yahoo Chief Marketing Officer, told Vulture.

According to Savitt, Yahoo hopes to "build, extend and prolong" the "Community" series further than the upcoming season six.

Dan Harmon, creator and producer of "Community," who was seen crying on his podcast "Harmontown" a day after NBC cancelled his series, is apparently pleased with the new announcement from Yahoo for a "Community" Season 6.

"I look forward to bringing our beloved NBC sitcom to a larger audience by moving it online," Harmon told Yahoo. "I vow to dominate our new competition. Rest easy, Big Bang Theory. Look out, Bang Bus!"

Joey McHale, playing Jeff Winger, quoted Mark Twain, saying that the reports of the "Community" series cancellation "have been greatly exaggerated."

"#SixSeasonsAndaMovie is real. Thank you Sony. Thank you Yahoo. Thank you Dan Harmon. And thank you to the greatest f%$#ing fans in the history of the human race. It's the internet. We can swear now," McHale added.

The "Community" comedy series is a production of Krasnoff-Foster Entertainment and Harmonious Claptrap in association with NBCUniversal-owned Universal Television and Sony Pictures.

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