Dan Bilzerian Opens Up to Howard Stern, Poker Pro Admits He Once Had Sex with 16 Women in 12 Days

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Dan Bilzerian is living the life and that’s an understatement. In a recent interview with popular radio personality Howard Stern, the poker pro, actor and businessman opened up about poker wins and losses, life in the navy, sex life, womanizing ways and his past among other things.

Popularly known as the “Instagram Playboy”, Bilzerian’s posts on the social media sites have made him a legend among his followers and fans—mainly for living a life only a few can dream of.

The revealing interview with Stern has added to the legend of Bilzerian as he admitted to a few a things previously unknown or unconfirmed.

According to the interview, Bilzerian won roughly $50 million playing poker the past year while the most he had lost was $3.6 million three times in his poker career. The 33-year-old admitted that he wants to stop gambling and even advised people against becoming professional poker players.

Bilzerian also said that he doesn’t enjoy playing poker with celebrities—naming Toby Maguire—because “they don’t gamble as much and are basically pussies” and prefer bluffing the billionaire-corporate types for the nosebleed stakes.

Another sport Bilzerian is interested in is Mixed Martial Arts, where he has trained for the last four years. Aside from talking poker, Bilzerian also talked about his father, Paul Bilzerian, who was imprisoned when Dan was still 9 years old; and his Navy SEAL training, which he never finished.

Finally, any Bilzerian interview without the topic of sex and women is useless so the Armenian-American touched on that subject as well.

As legendary as his Instagram/Twitter/Facebook posts, Bilzerian admitted that he once banged 16 women in 12 days while in Cannes, France not failing to mention that all were “Playboy playmate quality women”.

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