Damian Lillard Hits Clutch 'Three' To Win NBA West Playoffs First Round - Lillard's Best Moments [WATCH]

The "Portland Trail Blazers" has advanced to the NBA Playoffs' second round with Damian Lillard's show-stopping three-pointer against the Houston Rockets last Saturday. His last shot won them the series in game 6 with the final score of 99-98. With only 0.9 seconds remaining in the fourth quarter, Lillard has pulled the Blazers through an almost defeated game. 

The crowd exploded in an instant celebration when Damian Lillard hit the three point shot giving them the win over the Rockets in game 6. It was one of those moments in the fourth quarter when tough offensive plays could either win or lose the ball game. The Blazers called for timeout when Rockets' Chandler Parsons scored a reverse layup, leaving 0.9 seconds in the clock. This gave the Rockets a 2-point lead over the Trail Blazers. For the Rockets, it's as if victory is in their hands and game 7 was a sure bet. What happened next was unforgettable.

With only 0.9 seconds remaining in regulation, the Blazers Nicolas Batum passed the ball into play. From an overview angle, Lillard was seen walking slowly in front of defenders Chandler Parsons, Terrence Jones, and James Harden, showing no intent in taking the last shot. Lillard suddenly strode to receive the inbound pass from Batum and what happened afterwards was history. The winning shot left the Rockets players stunned for what has been thought an already won game.


The game winner was not only memorable because of Lillard's buzzer beater. It's the Blazers first time in 14 years to appear in the NBA Playoffs second round. The Portland Trail Blazers will face the San Antonio Spurs come Wednesday, April 7. It is not the first time Lillard has made this game-winning shot. Throughout his early career, he already has highlights that may turn naysayers to believers. Watch Damian Lillard's highlight videos below.



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