Dallas Cowboys Trading For Minnesota Vikings Running Back Adrian Peterson

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Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is reportedly trying to pull off a blockbuster trade that will give them Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson.

The Cowboys have been playing well this season, but Jones reportedly wanted his team to acquire more weapons for them to contend for the Super Bowl title.

Peterson, hailed as the best running back in the NFL, will certainly give the Cowboys more firepower in their offense but bringing the league's MVP could cost the franchise two first round picks, according to Fansided.com

There's no question however that the addition of Peterson will certainly improve the Cowboys chance to win it all this season.

Peterson's production plunged a bit over the last two games because of a nagging hamstring injury that affected him both mentally and physically.

"They didn't know anything about it until maybe like last week," Peterson told Star Tribune. "That's when I really felt, OK, I'm starting to feel something now that could slow me down a little bit. I really didn't say anything to those guys until like last week. Just told them there's tightness."

"It's more so when I run, I was kind of hesitant to stretch out and really stretch the hamstring, thinking that I was going to pull [it]. So that's how I kind of had it in my mind. But that had nothing to do with the coaches decisions."

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