Dakota Fanning Describes Her Sex Scenes, Talks About Getting Naked In Front Of The Camera

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Dakota Fanning has proven that she is no longer the small child in "I Am Sam" as she has ventured into more mature roles involving sex scenes and getting naked in front of the camera.

In an interview with Huffpost Entertainment, the actress revealed what it was like to do her first ever sex scene and getting naked in front of the camera for her movie "Very Good Girls."

"Very Good Girls" is about two teenage-girls who vowed to lose their virginity before they leave home for college. For a first-timer, the 20-year old actress claimed she "wasn't very uncomfortable" doing the sex scenes. Professionally speaking, she claimed doing it was a "technical thing."

"It's just something you kind of have to do. It's really not that big of a deal," she said.

She claimed the people involved in the movie were also very "respectful," which helped dissolve the what-could-have-been awkward situation.

"You just kind of have to just go for that and get it done, like anything else," she added.

Dakota Fanning not only had to do sex scenes with her on-screen love interest played by Boyd Holbrok but also with Peter Sarsgaard, who is much older than her.

Peter told Eonline  that he was taken by surprise when he learned at the last minute about his sex scene with Dakota Fanning. He admitted that he didn't really read the script thoroughly nor analyse it. After all it was his mother-in-law (Maggie Gyllenhaal's mother Naomi Foner) who wrote and directed "Very Good Girls."

The actor claimed if he had only analysed the script then he would've known ahead of time that his sex scene was with Dakota. But being experienced on the matter of bed scenes, the actor was very helpful to the actress. He recalled telling Dakota to put on her "sex scene" face while she lies down and he would be out of the camera's frame.

He recalled telling her, "I'm not going to be there while you're pretending I'm having sex with you. We're going to be on a close-up on you."

Dakota Fanning said the movie appealed to her since she could relate to her character's experience especially with moving away from home for her studies.

"It was exciting to make a movie about that because it really is such a rare thing to see in movies. And it's something that everyone experiences, but it's also a very specific experience, I think, that a young woman has," she said.

Dakota Fanning is joined in "Very Good Girls" by stars Elizabeth Olsen, Demi Moore and Richard Dreyfus. The movie premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January and opened in US theatres on July 25.

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