Daily Beast, Newsweek Converge to NewsBeast


The world said goodbye to Newsweek last year after 80 years of printing. But now, the world should also bid farewell to the name, as Newsweek and The Daily Beast officially changes its name to NewsBeast.

The name change has already prompted several reactions from the media, both the bad and the good, reports Voxxi.

Among the nitpickers-some with good cause-includes Adam Pasick, New York Magazine editor, who said in a tweet, "Should have gone with Daily Week... Someone should tell Tina Brown that there is already a Newsbeast."

Since NewsBeast will solely be a digital publication, it's expected that all forms of channels and media should ascertain the name change.

But according to The Atlantic Wire, the company may need to find a way to go around @NewsBeast Twitter, as the account already belongs to a Greek organization. And top searches for NewsBeast in Google will direct you to this particular organization as well.

Newsweek and The Daily Beast were merged in 2010, and Channel News Asia reports that the separate brands will still be visible in the website. However, it was reported that Newsweek editor Tina Brown and unit chief executive Baba Shetty confirmed that the Newsweek Daily Beast Company will officially be named NewsBeast.

For the meantime, the name change or even the merger has not yet seen any improvements for Newsweek in terms of sales or relevance.

Digital Trends reports that many view the partnership to be Tina Brown's ascension to the helm of the merger, and potentially a continuation of the work that many witnessed during the dying hours of Newsweek's print publication.

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