Cyber Black Friday: U.S. Apple Store Down Ahead of Anticipated Sale, Shoppers Tweet Disappointment

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As of past midnight on Cyber Black Friday in some parts of the United States, some Twitter users are airing complaints of the Apple store crashing. Just how many enthusiastic iPad and iPhone shoppers are logging on for the "crash" to happen?

Meanwhile, the Apple Store Black Friday Sale in Australia is under way.

Aussie shoppers could save only $31 on an iPad 2 16GB 3G, but the savings amount to $65 for iPad 64GB Wi-Fi. Shoppers of MacBook Air 13in (256 GB) can save $105 or 6.2% off the original price. The sum of $105 is somewhat a fixed MacBook Air and Pro discount, as it is taken off other Macbook products.

Lifehacker Australia has summarized the Apple store items subject to discounts here.

The savings range from modest to just okay, but shoppers are keen on buying, anyway. It is, after all, Thanksgiving! And what better way to say 'thank you' for discounts than by making an actual purchase?

Now if only the U.S. Apple Store could get back on track.

Twitter Users #Pissed Over Apple Store 'Crash'

Waiting for the Apple store to start their online sale. Was supposed to commence at midnight and its currently offline. #tired #pissed - Melanie Taylor ‏@MelBThatsMe

No way they're taking the Apple Store down for 3 hours just to put some sale prices up. Really? - Austen Frazier ‏@acfrazier

Anddddd apple store crashed one minute after it started its sale - Enrique Shifflett ‏@PrinceofBelAir_

Apple Store is down ,,, that means they're updating it for Black Friday !! I hope they have the new iPads on sale lol - Miran Govind ‏@Young_Miran

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