Cute Yet Odd Dog With Two Noses Finds A Loving Home [VIDEO]

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Some dogs don't get too much love from everyone, especially if they are as odd-looking as Snuffles: the dog with two noses.

The Belgian Shepherd dog, which oddly has two noses, has finally found a new home to stay in where he will be accepted as who he is, Huffington Post wrote. A UK site reported a month ago that Snuffles,  formerly named Diesel, went through the hands of four owners. However, he always ends up lost and unaccepted. Officials from Dogs Trust Rehoming Centre based in Glasgow said that the dog's weird appearance may be scaring people away.

Snuffles' Birth Defect

Veterinarian Angela McAllister explained that the dog's two noses appear to be not combined together, and hence, making a split in between, Daily Mail reported. She described it as a birth defect, particularly in the palate section of the 5-month-old puppy.

"I've never seen a condition in my 20-year-career," the vet stated on Snuffle's condition.

Another weird thing about his two noses is that he can move them both independently. Sandra Lawton, the centre manager, also added that Snuffle's may look odd in the exterior but is a very warm and loving pet.

Attracted Possible Carers from All Over the World

After the story of Snuffles hit the Web like wildfire, the centre instantly received a great deal of response, whether through emails and calls. There were about 40 messages and 20 calls from those based in the U.S., South Africa and as far as Britain.

However, the centre's staff certainly wants the best for the dog which is described to have a "heart of gold." "We wanted to pick the best home for him," one support staff named Pamela Jackson said.

The chosen owner who was won by the Snuffle's adoring aura took the two-nosed dog for a walk and from then on, it was like love at first sight.

Snuffles, the dog with two noses, is set to start a new life with a loving family based in East Lothian, Scotland by next week. His story is living proof too that celebrating Valentine 's Day is not just between humans but can also happen between your loving pet animals.

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