Custom ROMs Now Available For Your Nokia Lumia 800, 710, 900 Phones (Videos, Guide)

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Unlike Android OS, phones running Windows can be very difficult to unlock, and thus ,customisation can be messy. XDA developers decided to give enthusiast some treat on how to install Windows Phone custom ROMs using Interop Unlock on Lumia devices.

An unlocked bootloader brings complete access to the device for modifications and customisation. Here are some examples you can do with an unlocked bootloader:

Warning: Proceed with caution, the following procedure may destroy your precious Lumia. Do it at your own risk. The developer is not responsible for any damages or data loss to your device. Please do some research.


1.      Make a complete backup of your device.

2.      Check that the device has an unlocked bootloader. Press Power key, then hold Volume up + Power key till a haptic feedback occurs. Connect the device to the computer and if it shows as "Disk Mode" or USB mass storage, the device has an unlocked bootloader. Otherwise, you cannot proceed.

3.      It is recommended to use a Linux-based machine to carry out the procedure.


1.      Download Data Description (DD) here.

2.      Download the required custom ROM for 800 or 710 from the official XDA link. Choose accordingly to the phone you have.

3.      Connect the device to the computer.

4.      Locate the appropriate partition: dd if=./os-new.nb of=/dev/sdX9

X is the disk detected by your Linux distribution.

5.      Perform a hard reset of the device. Hold the Power key for 10 seconds which will take you out of the disk mode and hold press Power + Volume down + Camera till the device vibrates.

6.      Release the Power key but continue to press both Volume and Camera keys for 5 seconds. This is will cause the device to complete a hard reset.

That's it and the process is done. Check out the Developers' page for the complete list of ROMs available.

Lumia 900 Unlocking Bootloader Is Not an Easy Task

Most Nokia devices have custom ROMs, but Lumia 900 remains sealed till this day. Before you can flash any custom ROMs, the Lumia 900 requires unlocking the bootloader to begin with. And a report from WinPhoneViet has found a solution to unlock the Nokia Lumia 900.

The procedure is quite messy and requires an ATF Box which is a physical third-party device for flashing something on Nokia phones. If you want to view and perform the DIY messy unlocking procedure, visit the WinPhoneViet for the details and be prepared for translation challenges as well.

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