Crysis 3 Review: Stealth, Seeking, Strategy Make Up the Name of the Game


At first glance, you know you're faced with a Crysis game. There's the alternate New York City, run down by aliens hiding in tall grass, and you're tasked to be the one to sweep up the rest of them still alive.

Crysis 3 takes off from where its predecessor ends, taking you through the journey with one goal: battle and contain the remaining alien menace. It is, by no means, just a shooting game with stunning visual effects with fewer sunny scenes, reports Eurogamer.

According to Eurogamer, one of the better things in the game is the bow, which is a new toy that's befitting of any stealth mode.

Here, you are still looking at hunting down the bad guys, whether they are humans or aliens, reports Kotaku. And with the variety of action modes that you could go through-attacks, deception, creeps, and recharges-you're bound to have a hell of a good time shootin'.

This doesn't mean that it has lost in touch with its core enjoyment; strategy and shooting. If anything, there are high moments when you feel that you're reconnecting with that old familiar feeling, until you realize that it really is a different game.

In terms of other graphics, IGN reports that there is excellent dialogue and voice acting enough to make you feel that-even though you're playing a game-there's some sort of emotion bubbling just beneath the surface. This alone can set it aside from its previous versions, as Crysis 3 attempts to get to the roots of human emotional quality.

One of the biggest problems, reports Kotaku, would be for Xbox 360 players.  Since Crysis 3 was released for PC and Xbox, comparisons between these two playing fields are bound to come up.

The problem is that the Xbox 360 version is not at par with the PC version. In terms of resolutions and textures, you may experience an overall muddled and muddied effect.

You'd think that the gaming experience alone is enough as compensation, but sadly, even the play would be a bit sluggish, taking the pleasure for the trigger happy.

However, Gamespot offers a glimmer of hope in its review, stating that despite medium settings and a more lowered standards, you get a glimpse of the two worlds that you've already played prior, and as such, Crysis 3 almost seems like a full circle of its own accord.

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