Cristiano Ronaldo's Mother Revealed She Tried to Abort the Real Madrid Striker

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Real Madrid's Cristiano Ronaldo (R) celebrates with team mate Alvaro Morata
Real Madrid's Cristiano Ronaldo (R) celebrates with team mate Alvaro Morata (L) after scoring a penalty against Atletico Madrid during their Champions League final soccer match at the Luz Stadium in Lisbon May 24, 2014. REUTERS

Cristiano Ronaldo's mother, Dolores Aveiro revealed in her new book that she tried to abort the Real Madrid striker.

The Portuguese footballer has become of the world's greatest footballer, bagging various trophies and setting records across his career but according to his mother's autobiography entitled Mother Courage, her mother came close to terminate her pregnancy with the football superstar. Aveiro even resorted to her own plans to abort the foetus herself when a doctor refused to terminate the pregnancy.

"I wanted to abort but the doctor didn't support my decision," Aveiro revealed in her recently launched autobiography.

According to Aveiro via, she drank warm ale and "ran till she dropped" in an attempt to abort her pregnancy but her efforts were unsuccessful.

Despite Ronaldo's awareness of this story from his past, he remains close to her mother. However, the football superstar did not attend the book launch of his mother, citing work commitments.

"He told me when he found out, "Look mum, you wanted to abort and now I'm the one who's pulling the purse-strings in the house,"" Aveiro added when asked about the Real Madrid's striker reaction to the issue.

Ronaldo currently plays for Real Madrid, who was crowned as the European champion last season.

The 29-year-old star is the world's highest paid footballer earning $28 million a year after playing against the U.S in the World Cup.

Meanwhile, questions about the mother of Ronaldo's son surfaced again following the release of the Aviero's autobiography, wherein she revealed that she came to the U.S. to pick up Cristiano Jnr, sometimes known as Cristianinho in 2010.

Thus far, Ronaldo's son still has no idea who his mother is and the whole family has no intention of revealing the identity of her mother.

According to Ronaldo's sister, Elma, Cristianinho, already stopped probing to know who his mother is after they told him that she was already dead.

"He goes silent, forgets about it and doesn't ask anymore," Elma claimed.

Cristiano Ronaldo's son born in 2010 is believed to be conceived by a surrogate but the footballer told that his son's mother would never be known.

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