Cristiano Ronaldo’s GF Irina Shayk Reveals Secrets For Her Stunning Figure

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Russian model Irina Shayk presents a creation from the collection of Desigual during 080 Barcelona Fashion
Russian model Irina Shayk presents a creation from the collection of Desigual during 080 Barcelona Fashion in the Born Cultural Centre in Barcelona, January 28, 2014. Spanish fashion label Desigual is accelerating its expansion in Europe and emerging markets, seeking to ride predictions of fast growth in women's apparel while also taking the colourful brand into new areas like perfume and shoes. The Barcelona-based company is targeting sales of 1 billion euros ($1.4 billion) this year, up from about 820 million in 2013 and 440 million four years ago. It is all part of managing director Manel Jadraque's masterplan to build a powerhouse brand to rival those produced by the likes of French luxury group LVMH, where he worked for a decade before joining Desigual as director of operations in 2004. REUTERS/Gustau Nacarino REUTERS

Cristiano Ronaldo's girlfriend Russian supermodel Irina Shayk's sexy and toned body could give anyone the motivation to start working out. There is no need to steal her exercise workout moves because Irina has exposed her secrets to stunning figure in a recent interview.

Irina exclusively revealed how she stays in amazing shape to Yahoo. Irina admitted that good genes run in her body but relying on them isn't going to give her the perfect body that everyone desires. According to the 28-year-old, she still wants to look good when she gets older so she makes sure that she does the things to keep her in tip-top shape. Irina added that she loves to eat hamburgers and chicken nuggets, but she has an equalizer to ensure that she doesn't put on the calories from the food she eats.

"If you decide that you want to eat all those crazy meals, you have to balance with working out, so you always have to motivate yourself," Irina told Yahoo.

Irina said that it is not enough that people feel good about themselves one day to make them skip a day's work at the gym. Even if people think they look okay, Irina said that they shouldn't relax. It is always about striving hard and pushing for the better, she further revealed.

The Sports Illustrated swimsuit model said she does a combination of cardio exercises, boxing, and Pilates. She also works out with her personal trainer.

"I do a little boxing, I do the Pilates machine, I work out with my personal trainer."

She considers boxing as an exercise routine that also helps her to relieve any tension, especially when she feels angry. She could let off a steam when she goes up against a punching bag. Irina said she usually stays in the gym for an hour but if she is in the mood, she goes for a run after hitting the gym.

As for her diet routine, Irina said that she isn't really a fan of fad diets. For her, the trick to being sexy is eating healthy.

"I don't believe in diets to be honest, I try to eat healthy, like fish and chicken, salads."

She also breaks her food regime by having two cheat days every week and she only eats them during breakfast and lunch and never during dinner. As mentioned prior, she balances it out by working out.

Irina says hydrated by drinking lots of water. She also drinks green tea and tries to stay away from caffeine.

Irina is one the most successful models nowadays. Her flawless genes and great working attitude have contributed to her success as a model. Apart from modelling, Irina has recently tried her hand at acting, starring opposite of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson in the adventure fantasy movie "Hercules: The Thracian Wars."


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