Cristiano Ronaldo vs. Lionel Messi, Who is the Better Footballer?

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One of the most anticipated games in World Soccer happens on Saturday at the Nou Camp. Cristiano Ronaldo and the rest of Real Madrid team will face Barcelona in one of the football's oldest clashes, El Clasico, in history.

It should be a football match to enjoy as there are a lot of new faces to look forward to. The two football clubs have new managers, Carlo Ancelloti and Gerardo Martino for Real and Barca, respectively. Not to mention, superstar Gareth Bale will have a taste of his first-ever El Clasico match.

What is more?

Well, the match just doesn't come bigger than Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. It will be thrilling to witness how the two footballers will outshine each other. Ronaldo and Messi are guaranteed to steal the show when they prepare to fight and compete on their every move.

The question is - who is the better footballer among the two? In statistical terms, there is no doubt that the feats of Ronaldo are bluntly astonishing. Ronaldo has a notable record of 216 goals in 211 games he played. He moved to Real in 2009 and only after four seasons, Ronaldo is already ranked fifth in the club's top goal scorers of all time.

Messi, on the other hand, is extremely phenomenal. His ball control and swiftness make the lives of his opponents difficult.

During the 2012-2013 season, Messi has scored 75 goals compared to Ronaldo's 62 goals. Messi has 16 assists and Ronaldo has 14.  In terms of their respective teams' El Clasico performance, Real has won 3 times, while Barcelona only won once.

Without a doubt, Ronaldo and Messi have amazing power and excellence while playing in the field. It is hard to really make a comparison because these two athletes have their own expertise and football talent. Their achievements are spectacular, and only the fans of Ronaldo and Messi are the ones who can really decide who of the two footballers is the best.

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