Cristiano Ronaldo to Give Away Bonus Cash Prize Worth £750,000 From Real Madrid Champions League Final Victory

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Ronaldo celebrates his sixteenth goal
Real Madrid's Ronaldo struck the ball guiding it past a wall for his second and sixteenth goal overall in the Champions League this season Reuters

For Cristiano Ronaldo, winning a 10th European crown in the Champions League final is significantly more important, which is why the Real Madrid superstar forward was cool and more than agreeable when he was dared to give away his hefty bonus prize money worth £750,000 if they win the match.

One of Ronaldo's close pal was reportedly talking to The Sun as reported by The Mirror and stated that the 29-year-old footballer was more than willing to give his bonus money to his friends if the Spanish football giants defeat Atletico Madrid.

Ronaldo was having a little conversation with his physiotherapists telling them that, "winning the Champions League was more important to him than money," so when one of his therapists asked and dared him to "share" his prize with them, the footballer was quick to give in to the dare.

"Okay, if we win the Champions League, I'll use the money to offer a car to each one of you, and one to each member of the technical team," Ronaldo was quoted saying.

The source said that Ronaldo will even donate the rest of the money to the Messengers of Peace.

After Real Madrid exhilarating Champions League final win on May 24, will Ronaldo be true to his words and donate his bonus cash prize?

Ronaldo has shown his generosity quite a few times in the past. He has opened not only his heart but his wallet as well in an effort to give back to the society. In November 2012, Ronaldo donated more €1.5 million euros or equivalent to more than AU$ 2.21 million to Palestinian children in Gaza, as reported by In March 2014, as published in a news article by The Independent, Ronaldo reportedly donated €60,000 or AU$ 87,000 for a sick 10-month-old baby's operation.

Ronaldo has certainly nailed it with his acts of generosity. He is one of the luminaries of the sporting world who has a big heart and certainly one of the biggest donors to good causes.


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