Criminal Minds Sneak Peek: What’s Next After 200th Episode, Valentine’s Episode Sees Morgan’s Girlfriend

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The Criminal Minds 200th Episode was really a milestone show not just in name, but also in reception, as viewership skyrocketed to 12.8 million, according to TV Line.

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But it doesn't end there, as the BAU team will have to start picking up the pieces, particularly JJ (AJ Cook) who is now free of the burden of her secret. In an interview with TV Guide, show runner Erica Messer reveals a few key points on what fans can now expect after that special episode.

"I think there's a relief you feel at the end of the 200th. There are no more secrets, no more lies. That chapter is closed," said Messer in the interview.

This pretty much dispels any possibility of resurfacing villains in the form of Hastings (Episode 200's main villain) or his cohorts. Messer also reveals that, more than banking on previous villains, the succeeding episodes will start fresh.

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Nice to see Prentiss even for a quick while

Since Brewster got a longer screen time compared to what was originally planned for Criminal Minds 200th Episode, some may have become very hopeful on seeing her once again, especially with the way the cast seemed to become like family in the end again.

But according to Brewster herself, any possible guest-starring may not happen in the near future.

"If they ask me to guest-star again, I would do it. I don't think I would join full-time again. As much as I love that show, it is really fun to do other stuff and to do comedy and live shows," said Brewster.

Overall, however, Criminal Minds 200th episode was a success, proving that the show's run for another season is worth it. In his interview with CBS News, Thomas Gibson said about Criminal Minds' continuing success.

"One of the nice things was that expectations for the show were reasonable. By the middle of the first season, we'd found an audience and then we kind of caught this juggernaut of a show."

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The Valentine's episode

It's the week of Valentine's Day, and, as expected Criminal Minds will not miss a chance to delve into the personal lives of "Baby Girl" and "Chocolate Thunder." Although this time, it seems that they will be taking their respective dates out for the night of love.

According to the official press release from CBS over at Spoiler TV, Criminal Minds Season 9 Episode 15 will find Morgan and Garcia making their Valentine's Day plans for their significant others, even though the episode will debut a week after Valentine's Day.

As for the case, you can expect the BAU team to be at the lead investigation on the murders happening in the Pittsburgh area, where it seems that they will be confronted with a team of unsubs, making for double the suspense and horror of murder.

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