Criminal Minds Season 9 Episode 21 Recap: Beware of the Party with Pigs

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It's a nasty fight early in the morning--this is what greets Criminal Minds Season 9 Episode 21 viewers, as Derek Morgan (Shemar Moore) unwittingly put his own relationship with girlfriend Savannah (Rochelle Aytes) on the rocks before he was called in for a case.

Apparently, the couple has gotten one step in getting serious as Morgan was supposed to meet Savannah's parents, but he has to do a rain check for the third time.

Meanwhile, the team head over to Memphis where they have to deal with an unsub who not only abducts his victims in parking lots, but also wears a pig mask when doing so. What's even more unusual is that despite having other abductions, not a single body has been found.

The messy party in Memphis

It is revealed that the unsub for Criminal Minds Season 9 Episode 21 is actually a female (the stun gun she uses to abduct people hints at her lack of strength). She wears a mask to not only hide her identity but also as a reminiscent of a previous frat party that featured the same mask.

The unsub keeps her victims for information about the party, and once she's done with them, she tortures them in other ways--think force-drinking a vat of hydrochloric acid. Thanks to Spencer Reid's hypnosis guidance, the BAU team found out that the first victim who had drank acid was actually part of a far messier ordeal at the pig party.

The victim, Michael, had apparently approached a girl, Lauren, at the pig party and one of the witnesses had seen three men and the girl go down into the basement. Everything becomes understandable when the viewers see the unsub, Sheila, in a hospital room, overlooking Lauren as she is taken off the machines supporting her. As her only sister and guardian, she had to sign the papers regarding her life support.

Justice for the weak: Revenge for the sister

This is around the time that viewers finally see everything clicking together. Sheila has been under extreme stress, from the bankruptcy from her mother's medical bills that still led to a death by ovarian cancer, her taking over as legal guardian for her sister, and now the comatose and death of Lauren, one that was not even noted by the public or the university.

But what's even sadder is that this may not have been a case of a series of unfortunate events. With a little digging care of resident tech geek Penelope Garcia (Kristin Vangsness), the BAU team found that even the doctor who had attended to Lauren at the E.R. had been pressured to change the facts from "sexual assault" to "'rough' consensual sex."

As the BAU team race against time in an attempt to save the victims, Sheila begins killing off her victims one by one, with the only survivors being Christy White, the first victim abducted at the start and the one who had invited Lauren to the pig party, and another frat member who was hauled off by the police.

Morgan and the L word

Now that the case has been wrapped up, Morgan finally gets to stop and think about his relationship with Savannah. And it's probably the sweet-shocking ending for Morgan fans, when he catches Savannah in her apartment before she leaves to fetch her parents.

As Morgan tries to persuade Savannah that they should be together, he drops the bomb and the L word before they kiss and make up.

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