Criminal Minds Season 9 Episode 20 Spoilers and Joe Mantegna a.k.a. Agent David Rossi’s Lifetime Achievement Award

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Last Thursday, CBS Television Network has opted for a rerun of Route 66, the episode wherein Hotch fights for his life as the wound he got from George Foyet a.k.a. The Reaper and hallucinates over his late wife Haley.

But this coming Thursday, April 2, Criminal Minds Season 9 Episode 20, titled Blood Relations, will debut. Hollywood Hills has the scoop on the official press release of the episode.

For this episode, it's going to be a particularly horrific episode, wherein the BAU team will be facing two feuding families in West Virginia that could linked to their murder investigations.

Is this a similar approach to the way Romeo and Juliet's story had played out--minus the love story but with added gore?

This isn't surprising considering that the director of the Criminal Minds episode is none other than Matthew Gray Gubler who plays the role of Dr. Spencer Reid.

In a previous interview with TV Guide, Gubler revealed that he has already directed quite a number of episodes for Criminal Minds, with the majority of them being the weirder ones in the entire series.

"Most Criminal Minds episodes are on Earth. Mine are usually from Jupiter. This one is from Mars," said Gubler, referring to The Gatekeeper episode from earlier this season.

Who could forget Heathridge Manor, where a brother killed women after he had painted them because he deems them to be witches in disguise? Or the seemingly ritualistic, but very twisted way that the unsub had transformed his victims (clue: they became live puppets for a theater) in The Lesson?

Those are just a taste of Gubler's directorial chops, and it seems that Blood Relations won't be any different, quality-wise. Now that's a must-see.

Agent David Rossi gets the Lifetime Achievement Award

Joe Mantegna, who plays Agent David Rossi in Criminal Minds, has just reportedly received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce.

"Sometimes those years do pass on by and the next thing you know you blink and I've realized I've been in this business for 40-plus years," said Mantegna in an interview with Variety.

Mantegna's roles in showbiz show just how flexible his character can be. One the one hand, he has been playing the role of FBI agent David Rossi for the past nine seasons, and apparently, the show will be entering its 10th next year. But at the same time, the report notes that he has been the voice of mobster Fat Tony in The Simpsons for 23 years. It's like playing cops and robbers, and he managed to be on both sides of the playing field.

And it's not limited to TV dramas. Mantegna has had his share of the theater where his career began. However, given that Criminal Minds has had a successful run for the past few years, he barely has time to devote to theater, though he tries to make time for projects beyond his Criminal Minds stint.

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