Criminal Minds Season 9, Episode 2 Recap: Psycho Twins and a Manipulative Mommy Make the Perfect Family

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The two-part Criminal Minds Season 9 premiere ended with the BAU team solving the case of killers and twins Wallace and Jessie in The Inspired. Last week's episode ended with a wrongful arrest after the major twist: the unsub had a twin brother! And now, the unsub, who had kiled woman and forced cannibalism, is now on the run.

The hunt for the killer even takes a turn for the worst, as the supposed good brother connects with the psychopathic tendencies shared with his brother.

The devolution of Jessie was probably the most shocking as he adapts to his killer tendencies easily, killing a woman in her sleep and even having his brother participate in his second kill. This is almost fast-paced at best and desires some more development, because it makes you wonder, does your hatred for your brother and your abandonment issues enough for you to kill?

These perfectly synced killers, however, find their roots in their mother, who had actually been the mastermind of the whole thing.

Carla Hines: The perfectly manipulative mother

Enter Camryn Manheim, who played the role of the twins' mother Carla Hines and the major antagonist for the Criminal Minds Season 9 Episode 2. After she was first introduced as the caring mother, the BAU team realized that they were dealing with a narcissist who was only concerned with forming a perfect family.  And it didn't matter if there was only one of the twins left.

Manheim portrayed the role almost perfectly, switching from a mother who seemed to care for her killer-son's welfare to a mother who manipulates his son right into her trap.

While her only dream was to have a perfect family--which mother doesn't?--her means towards this end are anything but justifiable. Putting one son up for adoption, looking at her other son with disappointment, and manipulating everyone to build her own utopia, things were bound to get ugly in the end.

And it did. As one twin gets killed, the BAU are left with a DNA matching to know which twin had died. But Aaron Hotchner had a better idea, and used a habit that the original unsub had in order to catch him.

What's next for the BAU?

With another case closed and even hailed as a trending one on Twitter, the offer for Hotchner's position as the Section Chief was retracted to keep the team together. This means that a new leader will be in place starting next week.

Based on previous rumours about Criminal Minds Season 9, Esai Morales will join the cast as the appointed chief Matt Cruz. He has some connection with A.J. Cook's character JJ Jareau, which is a wink to fans that the promised A.J. season is about to roll.

What did you think about the episode? Stay tuned for more news and updates on Criminal Minds Season 9.

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