'Criminal Minds' Season 9 Episode 19 Recap: Stockholme Syndrome or Psych Syndrome?

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"Criminal Minds" Season 9 Episode 19 opens up with its signature suspense--a woman running through the woods, a normal scene in any victim being chased by the unsub. But instead of ending up with the start of another serial body count, it appears that the woman has survived, albeit in a mental hospital.

And she is forced to relive the horror of the victim who was able to escape, as Derek Morgan (Shemar Moore) takes the lead in taking her through the works. They aim to travel back in time, one year ago, where the team had started to deal with case.

It's revealed that Daria, the survivor-victim, had planned to run away from their captors together, but had been forced to leave her behind after she had been shot by one of the unsubs.

Going through painful memories

Daria remains to be one of the key factors in the case, as she has been held for 10 months, more than any of the other victims, and it seems that her escape has been one of the main triggers why the victims are now being displayed in open areas.

The Criminal Minds BAU team now realize that they are dealing with a team of unsubs, one of whom may have been attached to Daria and is now displaying his rage at her escape. One of the unsubs may be the dominant partner, while another is said to be very orderly with a touch of OCD.

As Morgan tries to relay the story again to present-day Daria, it's revealed that the BAU team has already figured out on of Daria's captors. And she was able to ID the man who had kept her captive for long.

But there's an unexpected twist that's just one year too late--instead of being abducted by Joe, the ID-ed unsub, Daria confesses to Morgan that she had willingly gone with him and even fell in love with him in the process, leading to Daria's emotional breakdown.

A crazy couple of killers

Morgan continues questioning Daria on the case, as it seems that the BAU team had a hard time finding Joe's partner in crime. A year ago, Daria had given them a name, Coby, whom Garcia (Kristin Vangsness) has found to be a prison-mate of Joe's.

As the BAU team abducted Coby, his attitude is very unlikely of the common unsub. When he was shown a picture of Daria, he identified her as "Joe's girl," which made for a rather puzzling picture. In addition, Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) observed that even though Coby was supposed to be the OCD one of the pair, he displayed some very messy habits.

The BAU team was finally able to apprehend Joe, but the fact that he knew that they didn't know who his partner was became the source of the problem that has already been going on for a year.

The painful truth

Forward to present day, where Morgan is talking to Daria in the mental hospital, and he asks her again about what she had said a year earlier.

During the questioning, one couldn't help but notice the way Daria started smoothing out her hospital blanket as she recounted the events incriminating Coby. Criminal Minds viewers who are very wary of plot twists may already know what's coming next.

As Morgan figures out the reality of the case and breaks the news to Daria, who also breaks down in the hospital. Even as he tells her this in real time, she also snaps, but here's where it gets interesting. As Daria calms down, she admits that she had helped him do the killings because she believed he loved her--to the extent that she would do it again if he asks her to.

Morgan finally realizes that Daria's mind has created a reality of its own, and, regardless of Daria's sister's please, the mental hospital is the safest place she can remain in.

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