'Criminal Minds' Season 9 Episode 18 Recap: The Madness of Rabies and the Madness of Man

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"Criminal Minds" Season 9 Episode 18, titled "Rabid" starts off with what appears to be a young man Russell targeting a young woman as she gets off a bus and walks in a deserted street in the middle of the night. He looks like your average shy guy, and one would almost wish that he isn't the bad guy because, apparently, all he wanted to do was give her something she left behind.

Two scenes later, the audience is surprised to see, instead of being the unsub, Russell will turn out to be the victim at the hands of yet another "Criminal Minds" unsub.

Back at the bureau (though this time, it's at the race track), Spencer Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) and Penelope Garcia (Kirsten Vangsness) are out at training for their fitness test, which is more than hilarious given their aversion to exercise and movement. The two are trying to keep it from Morgan (Shemar Moore) for fear of his very rigorous training technique.

The BAU team is confronted with victims who have been bitten somehow, which makes them conclude at first that this is a biting fetish which may lead to cannibalism.

Rabies in People

With a few more clues, the BAU team discover that this may not be about the biting but about what it does---transmitting something from victim to victim in the form of rabies.

The latest victim, Russell, winds up being bitten by the most recent victim, a woman who has been displaying signs of rabies far into the affliction of the condition. According to Reid, the symptoms and signs of rabies are actually horrific to witness in humans, as they are similar to what can be seen in rabies-infected dogs.

These can include the tendency to bite, the rabidity of their attitude, foaming at the mouth and anger with any light source or water.

After being exposed to the rabid victim, Russell and the victim are tied on the bed as the unsub tried to test whether Russel is already undergoing the infection. The BAU team discover that the unsub is the brother of a boy who had once been infected by the disease and had apparently been kept by his parents in his home instead of being treated correctly in a hospital.

The female victim manages to tear away at the bindings on the bed and escape, and had encountered the BAU team when she was shouting up a storm in a playground.

A Race Against the Real Rabid Man

The BAU team speed away in pursuit of the criminal after they have discovered that Russell has just been reported missing. They make it in time, though the unsub still gives chase, allowing Reid to practice a bit of the workout that he has been going through.

Though there are some casualties, as the escaped female victim will not make it through the rabies, Russell was saved in time and the unsub was apprehended, making it an altogether good case for the team.

Back at the track, Reid and Garcia get ready for their fitness test, only to find out that Morgan will be facilitating. After a hilarious few minutes of them trying to get it together, Morgan reveals that the fitness test has already been waived and it was all for a good time.

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