Criminal Minds Season 9 Episode 15 Spoilers: Teaser Trailer and Future Plans for the Finale

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With the 200th episode already over, life at the BAU team is expected to go back to normal--at least what counts as normal for the heroes who are often encountering crime and unsubs on a daily basis.

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Last week, it was teased that the upcoming Criminal Minds Season 9 Episode 15 will have some streaks of Valentine's Day left as both Garcia (Kristin Vangsness) and Morgan (Shemar Moore) will be taking their respective dates out. This means that fans of Baby Girl and Chocolate Thunder can see some sort of progression to the love lives of the two.

In an interview with TV Fanatic, it appears that instead of a romantic Valentine's Day episode, fans can expect more of a blood Valentine version, Criminal Minds style.

"We do a creepy Valentine's Day episode. It's one that airs after the 200th episode and it's just a Criminal Minds take on couples and Valentine's Day," said show runner Erica Messer. Does this mean another couple unsub who riots through town? Or is it a ritualistic approach to the way Valentine's Day is supposed to be celebrated?

Hollywood Hills details that the BAU team will now go to the Pittsburgh area as they try to work out the pair of unsubs for the "Mr. & Mrs. Anderson" episode.

What's next for Criminal Minds?

Seeing as how the season is far from over, the next question is how the writers are planning to deal with the episodes leading to the season finale. Criminal Minds has been onscreen for almost 10 years, yet it does not show any signs of wavering.

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Despite the rocky start that it has had, and the number of staff and actors who have left the show, it seems that there is still much to be explored, especially since you are dealing with a show that puts thrill and the human psyche into perspective.

"This show is sort of my third child. I've been here so long and I'm protective of it in a way that no one else is," said Messer in an interview with Vanity. "Our show tells the story of the guys who try to figure out the why behind the bad guy's behavior."

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Though the upcoming Criminal Minds episodes will probably stand-alone ones after a big arc, the writers do have something planned for the season finale.

"We haven't broken the end of the season, the very end of the season, but in true Criminal Minds fashion, there will be a big, probably two-part finale, little movie that we like to do at the end of the year," said Messer to TV Fanatic.

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