Criminal Minds Season 9 Episode 15 Recap: A Bloody Valentine’s Ritual for Two

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Criminal Minds Season 9 Episode 2 gets in on the post-Valentine's Day celebration with the newest episode. From the get-go, it's hard to picture who the unsub will be, as a runaway girl hitchhikes with an innocent-looking man and ends up with the man's wife offering her a warm shower in the motel that they are staying at.

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Instead of the usual immediate kills seen in the first few scenes of Criminal Minds, we're directed immediately to the BAU team headquarters, where Morgan (Shemar Moore) and Garcia (Kristin Vangsness) are talking about their own plans about Valentine's Day.

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JJ (AJ Cook), on the other hand, is going back in the game after her two-week break from what had happened in the 200th episode.

The BAU team is now confronted with the newest string of killings, where sharp-eyed Criminal Minds viewers would realize to be the young runaway--apparently, it really is a supposed romantic story. Only it's more of a bloody Valentine's celebration as the old couple tries to bring back the spark in their marriage with another planned kill.

As JJ and Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) look for clues, the team finally realize that they are looking for an unsub couple.

Valentine's Day for everyone

Instead of the heartless, cruel and sometimes insane unsubs that have murder written in their history, Criminal Minds viewers are given a glimpse of a normal old couple's lives--pink roses, dancing and a romantic night together, all of which are a prelude to their next murder.

But things change once the woman takes charge, and the team struggles to examine the dynamics of the marriage. It's almost a glimpse of a woman's devotion to her husband, and the sad need of the man to find something more than the marriage allows him to enjoy.

While the couple had tried therapy, it soon became evident to the Criminal Minds BAU team that the foundation of the marriage was anything but strong. And while the husband was away, he was actually doing the killings on his own, with an added extra of rape and assault on the side--proving to be an evidence of cheating for the wife.

In the end, the rocky marriage of the unsub couple paved the way to doubt and the capture of the unsub.

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With the case finally at a close, Morgan and Garcia finally go on their spontaneous double dates, with Morgan finally meeting Garcia's new boy toy after her breakup with Kevin, and Garcia finally coming face to face with Morgan's new girlfriend Savannah.

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