'Criminal Minds' Season 9 Episode 13 Recap: When the Line Between Good and Evil Blurs


This week's "Criminal Minds" season 9 episode, titled "The Road Home" opened up in classic fashion to set up another grim case. An old man writes what appears as the emotional note before loading the gun and blasting off.

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But this isn't your normal case of shooting spree - the unsub seems to be the typical vigilante, saving old men from gangsters and women from purse snatchers. But what's interesting here is that even with the many witnesses following the shootings, it seemed as if none of them wants to talk.

In the words of the woman who had been saved by the unsub for "Criminal Minds" season 9 episode 13 from a very violent ex, "I hope you don't find him. Whoever it was, I hope he gets away."

Rossi Tracks Down an Old Friend

As the BAU team tries to track down the vigilante shooter, David Rossi (Joe Mantegna) tracks his old friend from the military, who he felt was trying to pull a trigger on his life. Fans will remember Rossi's friend Harrison Scott who appeared in an episode from season 8 as a homeless man.

When Rossi gets to talking with Scott, he learns about the rather estranged relationship with his son and the rather disappointing encounter that they had recently. "Criminal Minds" fans would love the duality in this other story for season 9 episode 13, as Rossi tries to mend the relationship between his friend and the son who had vowed never to be like the drunk father he had, but didn't hate.

Just as the audience has mixed feelings about the vigilante's case, it's also hard not to feel bad for Scott and his relationship with his son.

Which Side is Truly Evil?

Back to the vigilante killer, he continues on a spree, escalating this time as he targets meth dealers in their own home. But this time, he is caught in a surveillance camera, leaving the vivid image of a man who had nothing to lose.

The team learns that the vigilante unsub had lost his family in a home invasion incident. What seemed to have started as a mission for revenge has now evolved into a mission for the vigilante - purge those who may want to hurt others the way his family was hurt.

As the BAU team continue their hunt for the unsub's next victim, they realise another possible theory - an accomplice during the home invasion that killed his family. And soon enough, before the team can even act, the vigilante had gotten to the home invader first.

Aaron Hotchner (Thomas Gibson) and the gang find pictures in the possession of the unsub's car, where they realised that there was nothing about his son in the photos or the suicide note. And here's the big twist for "Criminal Minds" season 9 episode 13, the accomplice in the home invasion? It's his own son.

The unsub hunts down his last victim, the mother of the killer of his family, before vowing that he will also follow. But as the "Criminal Minds" BAU team get to the scene, they revealed that one of his victims was actually innocent, the last words the unsub heard before he pulled the trigger on himself.

JJ in Trouble?

Here's the kicker of "Criminal Minds" season 9 episode 13. Just as a mildly happy ending was reached as Rossi saw his friend get back together with his family, viewers are left with a cliffhanger, as JJ walks in front of a fountain, obviously meeting up with someone.

As she was calling, a gloved hand grabs her from behind. Is this an abduction? Is this related to the secret that was promised at the start of the season? Stay tuned for the next "Criminal Minds" season 9 episode, which is the milestone 200th episode.

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