Criminal Minds Season 9 200th Episode Spoilers and Preview: AJ’s Secret, Paget Brewster Teased and More [VIDEO]


Criminal Minds Season 9 200th episode is coming out, and with it comes a number of secrets, comebacks and revelations.

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The show left off with a cliffhanger of Agent JJ Jareau (AJ Cook) being abducted by an unknown man. But the latest teaser trailer for Criminal Minds Season 9 200th episode reveals that she's not alone--section chief Matt Cruz (Esai Morales) is by her side looking bloodied and beaten as well.

"It's been an interesting season for all of our characters," said Cook in an interview with Buffalo News. "We've had an opportunity to tell a bit of the background stories, and that happens to fall on the 200th episode for JJ. It will definitely open people's eyes to stuff she went through during that time away and will clear up a lot of loose ends."

As mentioned before in previous interviews, showrunner Erica Messer has mentioned that the Criminal Minds 200th episode will be something of a mini movie, with suspense and action rolled very tightly and cinematically in the milestone episode.

You can see Paget Brewster's return as Emily Prentiss (at least to temporarily reprise her role) as she is called in as reinforcement by the BAU team to help save their two agents.

What's even more interesting is that JJ's secrets from the time when she was away during Criminal Minds Season 6 will be revealed--and the team will do the unveiling.

"They discover she and Esai Morales' character, Mateo Cruz, worked together in a capacity that they didn't know. It was basically a need-to-know operation and it was much more intense than anybody would have ever imagined these two were involved in," said Messer in an interview with TV Over Mind.

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Another returning character: Erin Strauss

The late former section chief Erin Strauss will also be coming back for Criminal Minds Season 9 200th Episode, mostly to give viewers a gist of just how deep the relationship and the working background of JJ with the other mysterious characters of the show.

"We're doing a flashback structure in this episode that takes us back to basically right after JJ was promoted to the State Department in season six and when we do that, we end up in Afghanistan and Strauss is there and Esai Morales' character Cruz is there and JJ."

Aside from giving a glimpse of Strauss, Criminal Minds Season 9 200th Episode also seems to be sort of a fan service for Brewster fans--in all the right points. In an interview with TV Fanatic, Brewster revealed that what she had expected to be a two- to three-scene appearance turned out to be quite a lot for her character as Prentiss.

Overall, it seems that Criminal Minds Season 9 200th Episode is something to really look forward to, not just for JJ fans, but also those who want to see a movement in the relationships between and among those in the BAU team.

"We definitely approached it as a milestone and how can you not with 200 other under our belt? But we wanted to acknowledge one of the biggest elephants in the room, which is that JJ left the show, she came back to the show, and not only did she come back, she came back stronger and changed, and we wanted to show how that happened, why that happened, personally and professionally," said Messer to TV Fanatic.

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