'Criminal Minds' Season 9 200th Episode: The Milestone is Here, What Should You Expect?

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Those who have been keeping watch of the latest episode of "Criminal Minds" season 9 will know that the crew has left a very teasing tidbit leading into the 200th episode.

Before "Criminal Minds" season 9 episode 13 capped off, viewers saw Agent JJ Jareau (AJ Cook) dodging an invitation from Spencer Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) with a lie, as she goes to a park alone to meet someone. And as she was calling someone on her cellphone, a gloved hand grabs her from behind, a very obvious abduction scene, to leave behind only her cellphone.

This is definitely the big cliffhanger that writer Erica Messer had previously teased, and one that shouldn't be missed by fans as a build-up towards the "Criminal Minds" season 9 200th episode.

Spoiler TV already has the output for the next "Criminal Minds" episode, where fans will see Emily Prentiss (Paget Brewster) making a comeback as she helps in finding JJ after her kidnapping.

The team will also be introduced to the time when JJ was at the State Department as a way to see who had abducted her and realise that JJ was actually part of a very dangerous secret mission.

Hopefully, new section chief Mateo Cruz (Esai Morales) will finally make an appearance after being under the radar for so long as well as Detective William LaMontagne, Jr., JJ's husband.

"The person who has her captive is someone that she met three years ago when she was on assignment," reveals Messer to TV Line.

"The people who have her are known for horrible torture techniques, so the threat is there, that something could happen to our sweet JJ. It was really interesting to watch one of our main characters have to do something that our guest cast does every week, which is scream and cry and be tortured," she added.

Fans who have also been wondering what's going on between JJ and Mateo Cruz, as well as all the hush-hush moments that they both have in the office, will soon be cleared up. Even JJ's family life may be put on the line, as the secrets that they have been keeping finally surface.

Aside from this, JJ fans will also be given a glimpse of her character, much in the same way that Penelope Garcia (Kirsten Vangsness) was in a previous episode where she was seen as The Black Queen before she became the BAU's tech genius.

"This story is about showing how she became that person. It's interesting to see old JJ and the evolution of where she is now," says Cook in an interview quoted by TVGuide. "After these two episodes, she's going to yet again be different. You can't go through this and be the same," she added.

Airing on Feb 5, the "Criminal Minds" season 9 200th episode will also show Emily Prentiss fans how she's doing away from the BAU team in her own London office.

Here's a quick preview of what to expect for "Criminal Minds" episode 200 straight from JJ and Prentiss.

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