'Criminal Minds' Season 10 Updates: 'Dexter' and 'Jericho' Alumni Join The Cast As Guest Roles


The countdown to "Criminal Minds" Season 10 is down to roughly 44 days. Already, roles have been headlining for upcoming guests for the crime drama's newest season.

First off, a veteran of the series "Jericho" has been tagged to play the role of possible unsub in the fourth episode of "Criminal Minds."

According to TV Line, Alicia Coppola will take on the role of Lisa Randall, who is the head of a support group for those suffering from Morgellons syndrome. What makes her a suspicious subject is that she will be the kind of support group leader who will go to lengths to protect the privacy of its members.

"Criminal Minds" Season 10 will be one of Coppola's many stops after her stint in "Jericho," as she has already been in other shows including "Two and a Half Men," "The Nine Lives of Chloe King" and "Teen Wolf."

TV Line has also revealed in another scoop that C.S. Lee, a "Dexter" alum, will also be taking on a guest role for Criminal Minds Season 10. While Lee has already taken on a role of a rather creepy Agent Masuka, he will be less lovable this time around as a disturbed English teacher.

Then again, his new role now has a very bad history that practically sealed his obsessive nature, as he has supposedly been traumatized by a dominating father who would lock him up for getting bad grades.

As far as the new regular cast Jennifer Love Hewitt is concerned, TV Guide has got in touch with show runner Erica Messer to ask exactly how Hewitt's character Kate Callahan is shaping up with the rest of the BAU team.

According to the source, Hewitt's character already has a background with great credentials to her name. And in her first case, she partners with Rossi to track down an acrotomophiliac, or a person with a fetish involving sexual pleasure from having sexual intercourse with an amputated partner.

Unlike Alex Blake, who had operated silently in the background as a linguist specialist, Callahan may actually be shaping up to be a take-charge kind of character, at least according to Messer's teasing statement regarding her showdown with the unsub.

Criminal Minds is set to open its 10th season on Oct. 1 with a premiere that will have Kerr Smith, previously of "Dawson's Creek" taking on the role of a body collector.

(Credit: YouTube/AllTrailers)

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