Criminal Minds Season 10 Teases Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Role and a New Footage from Shemar Moore


Criminal Minds Season 10 is well underway with shooting, after announcing to fans that Jennifer Love Hewitt will be joining the cast as a replacement for Jeanne Tripplehorn's character Alex Blake.

In Criminal Minds Season 9 finale, there was a surprising and quiet departure by one of the team's mainstay casts, where Blake had left the team silently, with resident genius Dr. Spencer Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) being her last point of contact in the team onscreen.

There has been a buzz about how Hewitt will be joining the team. Considering the many departures of mainstays -- Elle Greenaway (Lola Glaudini), Emily Prentiss (Paget Brewster) and now Blake, all of whom have surprisingly similar looks and roles in the team -- Hewitt's character may be the first real break away from the string of brunettes who are filling the vacant role as investigator in the show.

In an interview with TV Line, show runner Erica Messer offers a bit of a clue on just how different Hewitt, who will take on the role as Kate Callahan, will be for Criminal Minds Season 10.

The BAU team will apparently encounter FBI agent Callahan on a smooching scene with a bad guy as they are working undercover to catch the pedophile.

"We've never seen our team pretend to like a criminal, so right off the bat she's different in that way," said Messer.

More News from Shemar Moore

Criminal Minds resident tough-but-nice guy Derek Morgan (played by Shemar Moore) has shared a recent tweet, which features a quick glimpse at one scene in an upcoming episode for the 10th season:

Without specifying which episode the scene will be, Moore teases that "Derek Morgan is not Playing!" along with the hashtag "#ChasingDownPunks." It seems that Criminal Minds Season 10 will see a lot of kicking and taking down the bad guys-and main man Derek Morgan will be at the front of it.

A New Bad Guy Revealed

If those new clues and footage are not enough, Digital Spy has also found that Kerr Smith, who has been a veteran of long-running drama "Dawson's Creek" will be playing a bad guy in Criminal Minds Season 10.

Smith will be one of the creepier unsubs this season, as he takes on the role of a collector of human limbs, going by the name of Frank Cowles.

There are no details yet on which episode he will be donning the creepy unsub mask, but Criminal Minds Season 10 is set to debut on October 1 on CBS.

Criminal Minds - One Down (via YouTube/Criminal Minds)

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