Crimea Prosecutor Natalia Poklonskaya 'Oblivious' of Her Own Looks And Performs Duty Undistracted

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Natalia Poklonskaya
Crimea's Chief Prosecutor Natalia Poklonskaya pauses during a news conference in Simferopol, March 19, 2014. According to local media, Poklonskaya, who resembles an anime character, has become a popular topic among Japanese internet users. Picture taken March 19, 2014. REUTERS/Stringer

Recently, newly appointed Crimea Prosecutor General Natalia Poklonskaya has become an Internet sensation with her attractive looks and "kawaii" (Japanese term for cuteness) appeal to the public.

With all the fame she's getting, she continues to focus on her duties. Natalia was appointed to Crimea's  prosecutor post on March 11, 2014. The Republic of Crimea, which announced autonomy and rejoined to the government of Russia, is currently in "hot waters" as Ukraine is still claiming the Crimean Peninsula.

The Ukrainian National Service for Security and Defense involves her largely for Crimea's recent move. Ukraine has even gone as far as putting Natalia on its most wanted list. She was charged and accused of leading the overthrow of constitutional order in the Ukraine government. In Ukraine's Interior Ministry Web site, she was also accused of organizing a coup.

Natalia courageously responded to the accusations with, "I'm not afraid to tell the truth. I'm not a criminal; I'm not promoting Nazism, like some among the new authorities in Kiev. If they want to launch a criminal case against me, I'm not afraid of that", as reported by

Faced with serious challenges in her work and the interests of the country, she hasn't even found the time to think about her own pretty looks. Natalia wasn't even aware of her growing online popularity. Most of what augmented her fame is Japanese fan art creating numbers of different illustrations for Natalia. She was so focused in her duties that news about her rising popularity only reached her when Russian NTV channel featured her in recent news.

"Oh, my god! I didn't know about that," she laughed. "No, I want to be perceived as a prosecutor. And I'll achieve this through my work," Natalia said in an interview with NTV Russia, as quoted from

Not to show or express disinterest, Natalia politely tells to interviews that what matters most are the duties she needed to perform. She also urged fans and everyone to acknowledge her position and the hard work she invests.

In the meantime, Natalia sternly presses on her job and dwells on matters that need attention than the fame she's currently gaining.


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