A Cricket Fan Becomes $100,000 Richer after a One-Handed Catch during the New Zealand Black Caps - West Indies Match

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A cricket fan became $100,000 richer after claiming the catch from Kieran Powell's bat at the one-day cricket international between New Zealand and West Indies on Wednesday. The lucky fan was identified as Michael Morton.

"I was just sitting next to my dad and he yelled out," said Morton. "I just jumped and stuck the hand out, somehow it stuck," Morton added.

Watch Morton's amazing one-handed catch in the video below.

Video courtesy: YouTube/ Paul Mcleen

The one-day international cricket event was sponsored by Tui Beer, New Zealand Black Caps' official beer. To become qualified for the promotional campaign billed as "Tui - Catch a Million," people have to buy a Tui cricket shirt for $30. Then they have to catch off a six using only one hand while wearing the Tui shirt and the match's lanyard. Morton certainly got a lot more that what he had paid for.

"Some people said it couldn't be done, they thought it would end up as just another 'Yeah Right,' but yesterday, Michael Morton put that all to rest as he bent over backwards and with one hand plucked a 6 right out of the sky, oh and then walked away with $100,000," wrote Tui Beer on its official Web site.

The Black Caps also didn't forget to congratulate Morton for his winnings. "This is a $100,000 hand," the Black Caps wrote on Twitter. "It can be done, congrats Michael Morton @tuibeer just made you rich," the Black Caps added.

Some people regarded Morton as a very lucky guy. Well, it's probably luck and some flairs combined. It was certainly a great catch.

Morton says he will spend the prize money to pay off his student loan and his car. He also have plans of going on a tour someplace when he gets some time off.

The grand prize remained safe through the three previous matches of the series until Morton showed everyone how it was really done. Congratulations!

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