Cressida Bonas Spotted at the Glastonbury Festival: Hollywood In, Buckingham Palace Out

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Prince Harry
Britain's Prince Harry speaks at the WE Day UK event at Wembley Arena in London March 7, 2014. The inaugural WE Day UK event is run by the charity Free the Children to inspire young people to take action on global issues in a voluntary capacity. REUTERS/Luke MacGregor

Recently spotted at the Glastonbury festival, Prince Harry's former flame Cressida Bonas is moving on with her life after her controversial break-up with the royal. Wearing a stylish attire in a pair of denim shorts, a satin bomber jacket with contrasting black sleeves and with sturdy Hunter wellington boots, the 25-year-old dancer soaked up in UK's biggest festival of the year and parties with Irish celebrity Laura Whitmore and Amanda Byram.

Photographed in the festival's hospitality area, Bonas was seen enjoying a gossip and giggling with Will Poulter after "partying" with the actor the night before. Known for his role in the 2013 film "We're The Millers" acting alongside Jennifer Aniston, Poulter is definitely getting along well with the blond beauty.

According to the Sunday Mirror, the duo partied until wee hours of the morning with a group of friends at Glastonbury's infamous Rabbit Hole, and based on some witnesses the pair were "flirting constantly." She also feasted on hot chips and pizza with some of her pals as she enjoys some quiet moment awar from the musical performances.

"Loads of people wanted to get chatting to her, but she spent most of the night chatting to Will. They really hit it off," a source told the publication. "They've got lots of mutual friends from London and the conversation was clearly flowing freely. Cressida barely stopped grinning all evening."

Some tabloids have a lot to say when it comes to Bonas' recent public appearance and Celebdirty Laundry tagged the actress as a "closet famewhore."

"After her breakup with Harry, we're starting to get a whole new perspective on this woman, and inklings that she's actually a closet famewhore," according to the gossip Web site. "First of all, she clearly used Harry as a stepping stone to more fame and an acting career, and look how well that's paid off. And now, she's flirting it up with an actor at a music festival, fully KNOWING that she's being photographed and followed."

On the third day of the festival, the actress was spotted in a full Messy Cressy mode wearing short shorts and wellies with unkempt hair and a "Hooters World Tour" T-shirt. Some reports that Harry is still trying to win back the beautiful blond but it seems she's enjoying her new found freedom as she is keen to assert her individuality and not trying to be like Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge.

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