Credit Rating Agency Says No To 'God'

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Even large US credit rating agency rejects God into its system.

This is what happened when a businessman from Brooklyn named God Gazarov who was reported as no financial history by one of the largest credit reporting agency, Equifax.

In a Time report, one of the Equifax customer service representative even made an ill-advice to the 26 year old owner of jewelry store to modify his first name so that it will be recognized as legitimate in their system.

The credit rating agency sent an email statement to Time saying, "The customer has requested a name change which we are now making."

The agency's alleged false financial report caused too much hassle to their Russian native customer.

Mr. Gazanov explained that he already spent over two years making telephone calls and exchanging messages with the credit scoring company. He claimed that Equifax refused to fix the validity of his first name in their system.

This long-time glitch with Equifax prohibited Mr. Gazarov who was named after his grandmother to buy an Infiniti car in 2013 even though TransUnion and Experian, the other two major agencies, gave him a credit score of 720.

The frustrated graduate of Brooklyn College took his situation to the court of Brooklyn Federal after two years of futile attempts.

 "I worked hard to get good credit to look good to lenders and this happens," Mr. Gazanov stated in NY Post.

His lawyer from Fishman & Mallon, Atty. James Fishman, stated that the credit rating agency's refusal to accept his name forced his client to file the complaint.

Based on the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), it is the responsibility of the person who provides the information and the credit reporting company to fix incomplete or wrong information in the credit reports.

Although credit report is not reflected in all credit accounts, it is required when applying for credit on items worth over $150,000. A standard seven year window from the date of report is observed for calculations of accurate negative credit report.

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