‘Craigslist Killer’ 19-Year-Old Miranda Barbour Claims Killing 22 More People

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Miranda Barbour, the woman who allegedly killed a man after luring him through the popular classified advertisements Web site Craigslist, reportedly admitted killing 22 more people, according to the FBI.

Reuters reported that the 19-year-old girl has every possibility to be sentenced the death penalty if proved guilty of the murder of Troy LaFerrara. Mr LaFerrara, 42, apparently replied to a fake ad on the Web site, where Ms Barbour offered sex for $100.

Ms Barbour, in an interview, admitted to being a participant of a satanic cult while she showed no repentance for the victims who had fallen prey to her. In addition, she admitted stabbing and strangling Mr LaFerrara with the help of her newly-wed husband. His body was later found in an alley. It all happened in November 2013, while the reason she cited for the man to deserve having been killed was that "he said the wrong things".

Ms Barbour further admitted to killing a minimum 22 more people from North Carolina, Texas, California and Alaska. She said that she had stopped counting the number once she reached 22. Ms Barbour claimed that she would be able to "pinpoint" the location where the corpses could be found.

The Sunday statement of the FBI said that it was in the process of offering any possible assistance on its part to the Sunbury Police Department in relation to the murder case. Ms Barbour's husband, Elytte Barbour, pleaded not guilty to murdering Mr LaFerrara. The 22-year-old husband allegedly hid under a blanket in the back of the car when Ms Barbour met Mr LaFerrara.

Ms Barbour claimed that Mr LaFerrara could have saved himself from being killed if he did not wish to have sex with her even after being informed that she was underage. Ms Barbour told The Daily Item that she would not have killed him if he refused to have sex with her when she informed him that she was sixteen. However, Mr LaFerrara wanted to proceed. That was when she made a signal to her husband whom she married only three weeks prior to that. Ms Barbour's husband then strangled him and she stabbed him around 20 times.

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