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HTC Android

From Tech Jan 07, 2011

4G Network Rollouts Boost HTC

HTC has moved from being a little-known phone maker to a major brand in its own right, and will get a further boost from the 4G network roll outs announced by wireless carriers.

The new Voxox app from Telcentris.

From Tech Jan 07, 2011

Inside the CES: Voxox's Goes For All-In-One

The all-in-one software looks to combine all forms of communication on a simple interface.

Big Ego Games

From Tech Jan 08, 2011

CES: Sex And The Social Gamer

Social gaming is getting a little more risqué at Big Ego Games, a San Francisco-based developer that is trying to monetize the desire of lots of lonely gamers to interact with pretty girls. But the company wants to keep it PG.