Courteney Cox Leaves Single Life: Jumps into Committed Relationship with Johnny McDaid

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"Friend's" former star Courtney Cox has finally got engaged to her rocker boyfriend Johnny McDaid. The actress confirmed the news of her engagement to her six-month-old boyfriend McDaid on June 26.

Interestingly, in a very short span of time, Cox and McDaid have committed to each other and it is being reported that the lovebirds are very much in love and can't wait to walk the aisle.

Unlike many other stars in the industry, Cox did not hide the news from her fans and tweeted: "I'm engaged to him!" with her photo alongside McDaid.

Though this is not the first time that Cox has opened up about her relationship, she told to US Weekly about her relationship in April that McDaid is really supportive of her.

"He supports me in every way. He supports me creatively. He really believed in the movie...and not just because he likes me, though I know that helps."

Cox said this in reference to her first directorial debut "Just Before I Go." McDaid's band even went ahead and wrote three songs for Courtney's film.

"Courteney is the most completely confident person I've ever met-at everything," he added as per the Web site "She gets music. She gets art. She gets the way a scene gets constructed, the way dialogue works. And she puts it all together in her mind and then explains it to the world and makes movies that make people laugh and cry, squirm and jump, all those things."

The duo was first spotted together at Jennifer Aniston's holiday party in L.A. Furthermore, giving hints about their love for each other,  an onlooker from Cox's movie premiere even told the Web site that they were inseperable.

"There was a brief moment where Courteney had to take the cast photo, and Johnny just stood on the side gazing at her," the eyewitness told the Web site. "You can tell they're totally smitten with each other. She looks so comfortable around him."

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