Court Awarded Italian Couple €20K for Doomed Sex Life

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An Italian couple won a €20,000 after a court in Tuscany decided on a pedestrian accident that doomed the couple to a bad sex life.

The accident happened two years ago when the woman is being run over by a vehicle while crossing. Until now, she suffers from back pain which doomed her sex life with her husband. The woman was reported not able to enjoy sex because of the condition she gets from the accident.

Aside from the sex life that is being highlighted in their argument, it was also driven out that the accident is generally affecting their daily life as a couple and their relationship. Because of the woman's back pain which resulted from the accident, the couple cannot enjoy things like walking together and doing sports any longer.

"The couple's relationship was damaged following the accident, not only their sex life but also their daily life. Outside of the bedroom, they are no longer able to go cycling, do sport or travel together," said the couple's lawyer in an interview in La Nazione as published in the online news portal The Local.

The complaint resulted to a judge in Massa and Carrara, Tuscany deciding to charge the driver of the vehicle's insurance company a sum of €20,000 or a total of $28,000 despite the insurance company official's argument that the couple is too old to actually have an active sex life. The couple is both on their midlife age.

The judge revoke the argument on his decision because he believed that one cannot consider the age in their or any couple's relationship may it be social or even sexual. The judge was firm on his decision to charge the company with the monetary compensation.

The compensation of €20,000 has been viewed by sympathizer in the social media after reading the report as not enough for the damage done.

Accident involving pedestrian involved has been increasing every year. In America almost 2,362,000 happened in 2012; 10 fatalities involving pedestrian crashes happened in South Australia in the same year and over a couple of millions in different parts of the world year after year.

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