Couple News: Justin Bieber Wants Selena Gomez to Feel Like His Only Princess [PHOTOS]

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Justin Bieber does everything that he can to ensure his girlfriend Selena Gomez that she is the only princess in his life and to make their relationship last long.

After the couple's recent reconciliation, the 18-year-old singer is now reportedly confident to spend time apart with the Disney actress due to his upcoming world tour next year.  

"Selena will be making the trips she can when she isn't working but June won't be a problem as he will be in the West Coast of America," a source revealed to

The young couple briefly broke up last month after reports of Selena Gomez's trust issues with Justin Bieber started to break out. Now, Justin Bieber makes Selena Gomez feel very special such as the lavishing attention he gave her during the weekend at the Jingle Ball in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

"Justin is crazy about Selena. It's just so obvious with the way he looks at her. Justin had a lot of people wanting to take pictures with him and talk to him at the Jingle Ball 'meet and greet' after the show and he just made sure to include Selena in everything," an insider shared.

"He kept looking at her, smiling at her, they were side by side most of the time. It's like he really made an effort to make her feel like his princess," the insider further added.

Also, the couple was recently spotted on a romantic date at the Marble Lane restaurant in the New York City. Diners at the restaurant noticed that the couple looked very much in-love and only had their eyes for each other.

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