Couple News: Ian Somerhalder Feels Anxiety from the Distance with Nina Dobrev [PHOTOS]


For the past weeks, the distance from Nina Dobrev reportedly caused anxiety to the "Vampire Diaries" actor Ian Somerhalder. It appears now that Ian Somerhalder wishes to have a reunion really soon with girlfriend Nina Dobrev and make their relationship work after the separation.

The couple has not been spotted in public together, and the separation sparked the "trouble in paradise" speculations. Ian Somerhalder was in Austin, New York City and Atlanta while Nina Dobrev stayed in Los Angeles with family and friends.

Nina Dobrev was seen hanging out with Julianne Hough last weekend to help her girl friend recover from the break-up with TV host and radio personality Ryan Seacrest. However, other reports suggest that Nina could also be mending her broken heart in Julianne's company.

The two lovely ladies watched the Lakers game where Nina Dobrev shared on Twitter her experience of spotting veteran actor Jack Nicholson sitting nearby. The 24-year-old actress wrote on her Twitter account @ninadobrev: "Just asked jack Nicholson to take a picture WITH ME.. He said no. #rejected."

Meanwhile, fans of the couple are hoping that they have not rejected each other yet and will work out the problems encountered in their relationship. Perhaps Ian and Nina are still together but decided to keep things private once again since it took them at least a year before confirming to the public that they are indeed dating.

The couple has also spent some quality time together as they traveled the world, which makes the bond of their relationship stronger and very easy to resolve their personal issues. It would be difficult and awkward for Ian and Nina to work on the set of the successful TV series "The Vampire Diaries" if they broke-up without sorting out their problems.

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